"We'll never be outworked."
- John Davidson, October 2012

Friday, February 1, 2013

Game 8: St. Louis


  1. just thought of this but it could be really awesome at the top of this page to have a running tally, of yes/no like a counter so that at a glance we can see if we are at above or below say 50% outworked. could also be nice for later in the season if there was a link attached to the big yes/no that led to the appropriate articles on the main page basically leading to the 6-pack recap. I dont know how feasible either of these would be but they would certainly be pretty cool. I mean say a month from now we see that we have consistently beenworking hard going back to the detroit game. we could say, what changed at that point, what sparked the work ethic and instead of searching the main page for it we could just click the link and so oh, that was the game we really came out strong for the first time and Mase played well. or we go on a downswing and you think to yourself what happened when did this start?

    1. Worth some consideration...