"We'll never be outworked."
- John Davidson, October 2012

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Game 2: Detroit


  1. Just curious, if we are outworked for the first half of the game but not for the second half, what do you put up? Does the second half hold more weight or is the end result the tie-breaker?

  2. I'd refer you to the "About this site" link to the right...it's a subjective call, to be sure.

    I plan to defer to the author of the game recap "six-pack" at the Dark Blue Jacket blog. If I hear a player speak on the matter, like Vinny Prospal did for Game 2 (and he said the CBJ were outworked), obviously that has weight, too.

  3. "60 Minutes. No Regrets. No Excuses." Pretty simple criteria to review each game.